May 1

A. Warm Up

2 rounds

1 min Spider man lunges
1 min inchworm
1 min kick and twist

A2. Activation

2 rounds

2-3 ice cream makers
10 Pendlay Row (torso parallel to floor)
10 rear delt flies with fraction plates, same body position as pendlay row

B. Gymnastics Conditioning

15 min AMRAP for Quality

10 Weighted sit Ups (use plate or dbell, anchor feet)
10 Banded wide grip Pull up (use as many bands as needed to complete perfect reps, chin must be over bar, band tension should allow for at least sets of 3-5 reps)
10 HSPU strict, kipping or HS Hold for 30 sec or 10 HS shoulder taps

Rest 2 min

15 min AMRAP

8 hollow into super roll
16 pistols alternating
30 DU’s

C. Cool Down