April 9

A. Warm Up

OTM for 10 min

even - 5-10 burpee
odd - 30 DU’s/ 50 singles/25 lateral jumps over rope (bunny hop)

B. Activation

3 sets for quality

HS Hold (no minimum time, max 30 sec)
Hanging L-sit from rig (accumulate 30 sec)
Single arm kb oh Squat 5 reps /side

C. Strength Practice

OH Squat

5x5 for quality (not for weight)

Keep it comfortable - must have two second pause in bottom.

D. Conditioning

Accumulating AMRAP starting in heats of 5

2 min max Row/ski (note distance)
2 min max Burpee Box Jumps
2 min max Wall Balls
2 min Max KB Swings 32/24kg
2 min Max OH lunges with plate 20/10kg
2 min max Row/ski (note distance, try to come within 50m)