May 28

A. Warm up

2 rounds

10 strict burpees (jump into top of push up, pushup with hips off floor)
5 inchworms no push up
5 wide inchworms
10 bodyweight glute bridges on floor

B. Activation

8 min

In pairs or threes

2 skin the cats with a 10-30 sec hold
Accumulate 40 sec Bottom of ring dip hold (squeeze elbows)

C1. Strength

Snatch grip Deadlift

3x3 @ 2111 - Rest 1 min

C2. Halting 3 position Snatch Deadlift

3x2 with 2 sec pause at each position @ 70-80% of C1

D. Conditioning

10-14 sets of 30on/off (dependent on time)


Power clean @ 50kg/35kg
Burpee over bar