July 16

A. Warm up

2 rounds

1 min squat hold
10 drinking birds each side (20 total)

B. Activation

8 min

In pairs or threes

2 skin the cats with a 10-30 sec hold

Kneeling MU transitions - http://youtu.be/QjgCMuqNN1s - spend 1-2 mins doing these or 10-15 reps

C1. Weightlifting skill work

OTmin for 5 min

5 Light Hang RDL

(Start by bring bar into hip, slide down to knee pull bar back stand up, idea of this drill is too keep peoples feet flat and weight balanced evenly as well as using lats to pull bar back)

rest on next minute

OTmin for 5 min

3 Snatch balance (bar only)

OTmin for 5 min

1-3 Hang Snatch (aim for 3's each time - keep it moderate to light)

D. Conditioning

10 minutes

40 on/20 off

5 burpees fast pace
Max DU or Single under