September 10


A. Warm Up

3 rounds

1 min Xband walks (not overhead)
10 SL Glute bridge / side
10 super man rocks
10 air squats

B. Pulling strength

Deadlift 3 Rep Max test

15-20 mins to find a heavy-maximal three reps.

if your back loses position the coach will shut it down for the day.

B2. Accessory work

Standing two arm DB row
4 x 10 reps @ 2020

(performed with the same body position as Pendlay row)

C. Conditioning

Cardiac Output (easy 70-80% effort)

it is important to take it easy on todays conditioning as there is a big test tomorrow requiring everyone’s full tank of gas.

10-16 min AMRAP

200m Run
100 single skips
30 Bodyweight Lunges
200m Row
20 Air squats

order of exercises not that important so if a rower is taken move to something else