Nov 7-12


A. Warm Up
2 rounds
Bear crawl 1 length
Spiderman lunge 1 length
1/2 length pike walk
3 vertical jumps
3 broad jumps

Hip Flow
Rack position stretch

B. Front Squat
4 x 1+1
(1 rep with a 3 sec pause in bottom, 1 rep no tempo)

B2. Pistol work
1. Foundations: 60 sec wtd. ankle stretch/side + 5 shrimp squats/side
2. Practice: 5 pistols/side on a box
3. Advanced: 5 wtd pistols or overhead dowell pistols

- try to improve on last week

C. In pairs - round for round
13 min AMRAP
10 burpee box jumps
5 hang squat cleans @ 60/40

Lion 4 - 75/50


A. Warm Up
2 rounds
30 sec plank shoulder taps
Side plank thread the needle 10/side
5 scap push ups

Shoulder flow

B. Single Arm DB or KB Z press in straddle
4 x 8/side

B2. Ring Row
5 x 3 reps with a 10 sec hold from rings to chest each rep

C. 8 min AMRAP
15 wall balls

Monkey 4 - add 3 MU after the TTB


A. Warm Up
2rds each with a partner
Light DB complex
10 HPC
10 DL
10 PP
10 Lunges

Hip Flow

B. Hang powerclean + Power clean
4 x 2+2 UB
- must keep hook grip all reps

B2. SPLIT kneeling Rotational press
4 x 6/side
- same action at shoulders but from lunge position

C. Interval work
6 rounds
90 sec on 1 min off

6 box jumps
12 KB swings
36 DUs


A. Warm Up

2 rounds
with a dowell
10 pass throughs
10 OHS
20 standing thoracic twists

Squat flow

B. Back squat 2 reps into 4 alternating rear step lunges
4 sets

B2. Over head rear delt raise in shoulder flexion stretch
4 x 5 reps

C. Hypertrophy
3-4 rounds
C1. Floor press 5 reps
C2. Skull crusher 5 reps
C3. Band pull aparts 15 reps
C4. Single arm DB row 8/side


A. Warm up
3 rounds
5 pigeon to cosaack/side
5 cossack squats
5 rollback into straddle

Hip flow

B. Sumo deadlift
4 x 1.1.1
- rest 20 sec btw '.'

B2. Box lateral step up
4 x 5/side
- heavier than last week

C. 15 min EMOM
1 - 5-12 Pull Ups
2 - 50 DUs
3 - 10 KB thrusters @ 24/16


A. Warm Up
3 rounds
5 reps ball plate overhead reach
Archer draws 5/side
30 sec active hanging with shrugs

Shoulder flow

3 x 2 by feel

OHS progression
Single arm OH reverse lunge
6 reps/side
- pause at bottom of each lunge

B2. Pull Up
Practice 20 tight kipping swings
5 partner assissted strict pull ups

10 kipping pull ups or CTB

(decide if you need to practice the skill or build strength)

C. OT5 min for 4 rounds
200m farmers carry
400m run

Creature ENDURANCE - testing

A. Strong feet
3 sets
5 x five's
Lying ankle circles
Seated Tib ant stretch 30 sec

B. Running Lab
3 sets
60 sec bunny hops
30sec/side wall heel pulls
30 sec/side run and pull

C. Marrickville + Edgecliff Running
1 x 1000m
2 x 600m
3 x 400m

- 1 min rest
- 600's and 400's at the 1km pace

C. Bondi junction circuit
9 rounds
(alternating exercise each round)
2 min
Burpee to bar
KB TGU light
airbikr or row
1 min rest

Weightlifting thursday - starts at 6:45pm

A. Body weight and dowell warm up

B. Empty bar drills warmup

C. Snatch work
C1. Snatch heavy pull
C2. Snatch double

D. Jerk drills

E. Power clean + FS + Split jerk
(FS with jerk grip)

Weightlifting Saturday

A. Body weight and dowell warm up

B. Empty bar drills warmup

C. Split jerk and push jerk drills

D. heavy clean and snatch pulls