Final TESTING week of 2016 : Dec 19 - XMAS


A. Warm Up
2 rounds with a light plate
20 russian twists
1 length bear crawl plate on back
1 length lunges plate over head
10 plate G2OH
10 plate goblet squats

Thoracic Flow

B. Front Squat
Build to a new 2RM in 20 mins

3 sets Near max effort

C. Creature Throwdown WOD 3
In pairs
Syncro FS @ 50/35
Syncro BF burpees

- 10 min cap

- you will need 1 bar each, you don't have to pair up with the opposite sex even though that is Rx


A. Warm Up
2 rounds
5 inch worms with push up
10 bunny hops
30 sec table top hold

Shoulder flow

Build to a heavy
3 x 3

C. Linda (in teams of 3)
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps for time of:
1.5x body-weight deadlift
Body-weight bench press
3/4 body-weight clean


A. Warm Up
2 rounds
20 leg swings each side (without holding onto pole)
10 cossack squats
30 sec duck walk
3 cat camels (or angry cats, warming up the spine)

Hammie flow

B. Posterior chain recovery circuit:
3 rounds for quality:
B1. Body weight single leg glute bridge 20/side
B2. Inchworm 5 reps
B3. Russian KB swing light 10 reps
B4. Push up 10 reps (to reduce DOMs)

C. For time
100 box jumps with a step down
150 DUs
200m run

- 12 min cap


A. Warm Up

3 rounds
60 secs of single skips
5 burpees
5 deck squats

B. Explosive plyometric training

Warm up again:
10 kneeling tuck jumps
10 single vertical jump /side
30 standing calf raises

Find the following
- max distance broad jump
- max height seated vertical jump
(hand touch up the wall)
- max standing vertical jump

C. WOD Optional (based on how you feel)
3 rounds
20 rotational medball throws 10/side
20 super man rocks


A. Warm up
2 rounds
60 sec walking lunges forward
60 sec walking lunges reverse
30 sec hollow hold

Hip Flow

B. Back squat
Build to a 2RM
- if you hit a max last week... good luck

B2. Optional glute activation
side plank leg raise 10/side

C. Recovery EMOM
(in prep for Friday)

- if you're no coming on friday you can increase the reps

14 min
1 - 5 burpee box jumps
2 - 5 KB hang squat clean thrusters (light)


A. Warm Up
3 rounds
5 reps ball plate overhead reach
10 dowell pass throughs floor facing
30 sec rear support hold

Shoulder flow

B. Aerobic Capacity Test
5 rounds
1 km run or row
15 burpees
15 thrusters @ 35/20kg
15 pull ups


A. Strong feet
3 sets
5 x five's
30 sec toe walking
kneeling balance knee stretch 10 reps

B. Running Lab
3 sets
30 sec zombie jog
30 sec/side run and pull
60 sec cap run skipping

C. Marrickville + Edgecliff Running
C. Running

2 x 400m warm up @ 60-75% pace

For distance:

15 min run.

(re test from september)

C. Bondi junction circuit
10 min airbike or row
Max Distance.

Weightlifting Thursday - starts at 6:45pm

A. Body weight and dowell warm up

B. Empty bar drills warmup

C. Snatch work
C1. Snatch heavy pull
C2. Snatch double

D. Jerk drills

E. Power clean + FS + Split jerk
(FS with jerk grip)

Weightlifting Saturday

A. Body weight and dowell warm up

B. Empty bar drills warmup

C. Split jerk and push jerk drills

D. heavy clean and snatch pulls