October 29 - November 3


Warm Up
30m Backwards Walking Lunge
1 min p/s standing hip CARs
30 sec p/s Ankle CARs
6 alternating explosive lunge jumps

Strength Circuit
Complete 3 rounds of:
Barbell Hip Thrust 8 reps. Tempo 1X11
Natural Knee Extension 3 reps
Calf Raise 15-25 reps. Tempo 2011


For time:
30 DUs/60 singles
10 alternating Dual DB by side reverse lunges 22.5/15
10 SA DB Hang Snatch (5R, 5L)

Cap: 10 min

Easier WOD today, BIG partner WOD tomorrow

Cool Down

2 min pigeon


Warm Up
10 static inchworm+pushup
1 min seated thoracic CARs (full circle)
1 min p/s shoulder CARs
5 explosive burpee

Strength Circuit
Complete 3 rounds of:
SB Tall Kneeling Strict Press 8 reps. Tempo 2011
Dual DB Floor Press 5-15 reps.
Barbell Underhand Yates Row. 8 reps. Tempo 2011.

Barbell Warm Up

5 clean lift-off
5 muscle clean
5 power clean
5 pause thrusters
5 fast thrusters


12 min AMRAP
In pairs
Break reps ups however
30 Thrusters 95/65
30 Burpees to target

Cool Down

Thread the needle 1 min p/s


Warm Up
30m Ido portal Horse Walk
1 min spine CARs
2 rounds:
2 p/s birddog with 5sec hold
20 sec hollow hold/rock
6 (3p/s) SL broad jump into 2 foot landing

Strength Circuit
Complete 3 rounds of:
Barbell Landmine RDL 8 reps 2010
Partner bent-knee Nordic Hinge 8 reps
Side Plank Raise with DB on hip 15 reps p/s Tempo 2011

For weight
15 min EMOM: 30 sec AMRAP:30 sec rest
1: Plank with SB on back
2: Ring+Box Hamstring Curl
3: Dual DB Farmers Carry

Easier day after yesterday

Cool Down

Half seated frog 1 min p/s


Warm Up
20m crab walk
30 sec p/s Wrist CARs
30 sec S-Waves
30 sec pike leg lifts

Every 90 seconds for 24 rounds: (36min)
1: 75sec AMRAP bike/rower cals
2: 75sec for quality 10 WF HS shoulder taps into hold (Scale to 10 Front Support shoulder taps into hold) (Rx+ HS Walk)
3: Rest
4: 75sec AMRAP bike/rower cals
5: 75sec for quality (Rx 10 kip swings + 5-10 Kipping Dips) (Scale to 10 Ring Kip Swings + 3-5 Ring Push Up) (Rx+ Kipping Ring MUs)
6: Rest

Scored on total bike/rower cals


10 Candlesticks as slow as possible.
Rest as needed between each rep

Cool Down

2 min seated shoulder extension


Warm Up
30m travelling spiderman lunge
1 min p/s hip CARs
30 sec p/s ankle CARs
6 (3 p/s) kneeling jump to single leg land (or standing SL jump/SL land)

Barbell Warm Up

5 Hang Muscle Clean
5 Clean Lift-off
5 Power Clean with pause in receiving position
5 Squat Cleans

For time:
10 rounds OT3min
3 Squat Clean Scaled 115/75. Rx 135/95. Rx+ 155/105
10 Box Jumps 24/20
10 Wall Balls 20/14

SUSTAINABLE round times
Stagger heats 1 min apart

Cool Down
2 min twisted lizard


Warm Up
Game: Multiple rounds of Hot Potato with wall ball. Loser has to do 5 reps of whatever exercise the coach prescribes.
then 2 rounds:
10 reverse lunges
10 cossacks
10 twisting bear
5 pike SHSPU

Overhead Squat
3 reps with, Tempo 2212, for 5 sets. .
From Rack. Lighter than last week


For time:
50 CTB (Scale to jumping pullups)
50 Pistols (Scale to alt box step ups)
50 DB Snatch 22.5/15 (Rx+ 32.5/15)

Cool Down
Lying Straddle with feet up wall

Farm Fit

Warm Up
3 Calf Raises Tempo 5055
10 seconds bunny hops
10 Walking lunge into high knee on toe
10m walking drinking bird
10m (5p/s) traveling side lunge


20 min AMRAP
400m run, 40/30 cal schwinn, 400/300 row
SA DB OH Walking Lunge 10 per arm
SA DB Chinese Row 10 per arm

Farm Strength

Warm Up
2 sets with empty barbell:
10 landmine row p/s
10 OH Walking Lunge

Farm Strength
a: 2 heavy sets per arm: SA DB OH Walking Lunge 10 steps

b: In pairs: Firemans carry race 200m. Break up however

c: Landmine Row 3x8 p/s