August 27 - September 1



a: Warm Up

2 rounds:

10 spiderman passing through squat

1 min p/s standing hip CARs holding rig upright

5 pause squat jumps


Daily Skill specific Warm up


b: Strength Superset

b1: Barbell Back Rack Forward stationary alternating lunge 3x18 (9p/s)

b2: Reverse-banded nordic curl 3x6


c: Metcon

For time:

Dumbbell DT

5 rounds:

12 Deadlift 22.5/15

9 Hang Power Clean



Cap: 12 min


d: Cool Down

2 min pigeon p/s





a: Warm Up

2 rounds:

5 static inchworm + pushup

30 sec hang

1 min p/s half kneeling Thoracic rotation against rig


Daily skill specific warm up


b: Strength circuit

b1: Barbell Front-Rack-Width Bench 3x9 Tempo 1111  (set up with plate stacks if necessary)

b2: Barbell Underhand Pendlay Row 3x9 Tempo 1111 TUT 36 secs


c: Metcon

14 min AMRAP

In Pairs

Break work up however

6 Hang Squat Clean 115/75 (Rx+ 135/95)

10 HR Burpee to target


d: Cool Down

2min bent-arm seated shoulder extension





a: Warm Up

2 rounds:

10 (5 p/s) traveling side lunges

20 (10 p/s) SL bridge walk

10 (5p/s) Superman rock


Daily skill specific warm up


b: Strength Superset

b1: Banded HEAVIER Russian KB Swing 3x5

b2: Barbell Hip Thrust 3x9


15 min EMOM

1: Dual KB Bottoms Up Squat 10 reps

2: SB in bear-hug lateral box step over 10 reps (5 p/s)

3: SA DB STOH 5 p/s


d: Cool Down

2 min twisted lizard p/s





a: Warm Up

10 twisting bear passing through downdog

30 sec p/s wrist CARs

10 Seated Pike leg lifts


Daily skill specific Warm Up


b: Gymnastics Circuit 15min EMOM

1: WF HS Hold 10-40 secs. Add time.

2: 5-10 Strict Dip with 3 sec pause at top and bottom of dip or Ring Push Up with pauses.

3: 2-8 Strict Pullup with 3 sec pause chin-over or 5-15 sec pronated chin over bar hold. Add rep


c: Metcon

Partner Intervals

For time:

Round for round

2 rounds each

Run 800 or Row 1km


d: Cool Down

Wrist Extension 2 min

Roll Feet 2 min

Ankle Stretch 2 min p/s





a: Warm Up

10m Lizard Crawl

1 min p/s ankle CARs

10 squat to stand


Daily Skill specific warm up


b: Metcon

20 min AMRAP

100 DUs/200 singles

30 KB Swings 24/16

16 weighted pistols (10/5kg). (Scale Weighted HIGH box step ups)


Straight into

c: Strength

15 mins to build to heavy 1 Power Clean + 4 Front Squat (1 sec pause in bottom and top)

until 35:00 on clock


Cool Down:

2 min Frog





a: Warm Up

Partner wheelbarrow walk3x10m


2 rounds

1 min p/s shoulder CARs

10 cossack (5[/s)


Daily Skill specific Warm Up


b: Strength

10 min EMOM

4 OHS with 1 sec pause in bottom and overhead


c: Metcon

20 min EMOM in PAIRS

1: 5-15 synchro TTB. Feet touch bar at same time

2: 10-15 synchro Wall Balls (bottom of squat at same time)

3: 10-16 synchro DB Snatch (DB Overhead at same time)

4: Rest


d: Cool Down

2 min Lying banded Hammy p/s