September 24 - 29


a: Warm Up

30m bear crawl

1 min quadroped hip CARs p/s

30 sec ankle CARs p/s

5 rebounding squat jump

b: Strength

Back Squat. Build to heavy 1+ reps at 90%

Superset during first 3 warm up sets

Lateral box step down 5 p/s

c: Metcon

For time:

Dumbbell Grace

30 Dual DB CJ 22.5/15

Cap: 10 min

d: Cool Down

Banded front split

2 min contract/release


a: Warm Up

30m Lizard Crawl

30 sec Hollow body hang

30 sec half-kneeling thoracic CARs p/s

1 min shoulder CARs p/s

5 plyometric push ups

b Strength

Strict Press. Build to heavy 1+ reps at 90%

pause at shoulder and overhead

Superset during first 3 warm up sets

SA DB upright row 12 p/s

c: Barbell Warm Up

5 Muscle Clean

5 Power Clean

5 Thruster with dip in squat and overhead

5 fast thruster

d: Metcon

In pairs

12 min AMRAP

Break work up however

100 Burpee to target

100 Thrusters 95/65

d: Cool Down

Straight arm seated shoulder extension

2 min contract/release


a: Warm Up

20m aeroplane drinking bird walk

30 p/s lying knee CARs (flexion/extension + rotation)

1 min back CARs (segmented Cat Camels)

10 sec bunny hops

2x3 p/s rebounding single leg broad jump. Stick 3rd landing

b: Strength

Deadlift Build to heavy 1+ reps at 90%

Reset at the bottom of each rep (no TNG).

c: Metcon

For weight

15 min EMOM

1: 10 (5p/s) Renegade Row (Rx+ add push up between each row)

2: 10 (5 p/s) SA KB Snatch (Scale to hang DB Snatch)

3: 8 (4 p/s) SB on shoulder walking lunge

d: Cool Down

Standing straddle

2 min static contract/release


a: Warm up

2 min hollow + superman team rolls

1 min scap CARs

2 min p/s static + PAILs/RAILs band-distracted wrist extension

1 min p/s wrist CARs


Daily Skill specific Warm Up

b: Gymnastics

28 min (4 rounds)

1: 20-50 DUs

2: 10-20 sec freestanding HS hold facing away from wall (try to find balance point)

3: 30 sec superman hold

4: 1-5 Strict Ring Dips into 10 secs top of dip hold with hollow position flutter kicks (Scale to ring pushups + top of ring front support)

5: 10 alt (5p/s) pause pistols

6: 5-15 kipping TTB

7: Rest

c: Midline

2 rounds:

10-30 sec star plank each side

5-20 Straddle leg lifts


a: Warm Up

20m Sidewards ape walk

1 min p/s standing hip CARs

30 sec p/s patella CARs

5 kneeling jump

c: Barbell Warm Up

5x Position 1 clean

5x position 2 clean

5x Position 3 clean

c: Metcon

30 min EMOM

1: 20/15 cal schwinn or 15/10 cal assault/rower

2: 30 sec AMRAP Hang Squat Clean. Scaled 95/65. Rx 135/95. Rx+ 175/115

3: Rest

d: Posterior

Partner Nordic Negative 3x5eps


a: Warm Up


2 min ankle distracted static p/s

b: Barbell Warm Up

5x Position 1 Power Snatch + OHS

5x Position 2 Power Snatch + OHS

5x Position 3 Power Snatch + OHS

c: Strength

10 min E2MOM (5 sets)

10 OHS

d: Metcon

For time:


Wall Balls 20/14 (Rx+ 30/20)

Alt DB Snatch 22.5/15 (Rx+ 32.5/15

CTB (Rx+ 9-6-3 Bar MU)

Cap: 20 min

e: Cool down

2 min pigeon

Farm Fit

a: Running Warm Up

3 Calf Raises Tempo 5055

10 seconds bunny hops

10 Walking lunge into high knee on toe

10m walking drinking birtd

10m (5p/s) traveling side lunge

b: Metcon

20 min AMRAP

Run 200m (or Row 200/150 or bike 20/15 schwinn)

10 SB Clean to front rack

10 Heavy Wall Balls

10 Strict Pullups or Ring Rows

Farm Strength


2 rounds:

Bicep Openers

10 p/s Snatch-grip SL RDL

a: Sandbag/wallball reverse toss over pullup bar (remove sharp objects/J-Hooks which could cut sandbag). 5x2

b: In pairs. 600m tyre drag. Rotate between forward, backwards, sidewards drag

c: Decline DB Chest Press 3x8 Tempo 2011