February 25 - March 2


Warm Up
20m Lizard crawl
1 min hip CARs p/s
30 sec ankle CARs p/s
5 kneeling jump into squat jump

Back Squat in at least 5 sets, build to a heavy 3
Superset archer Ring Row 5x14 (7p/s)
20 min cap here.

For time
40 SA DB Snatch 22.5/15 (Rx+ 32.5/20)
30 Burpees
20 SA DB Snatch
10 Burpees

Cap: 10 min

Cool Down
Spiderman + foot lift-offs


Warm Up

Animal Flow
Warm Up Barbell and Metcon Skills

Every 5 min for 30 min (6 rounds)
Run 400m
10 Barbell Thrusters 95/65 (Rx+ 115/75)
20 KB Swing 24/16 (Rx+ 32/24)
15 CTB/TTB (alternate exercise each round)

Pick a weight that allows you to go unbroken on the thrusters and KB swing.
You should perform 3 rounds of CTB and 3 rounds of TTB.
Stagger second wave 2 mins later if need be.
Bondi can substitute run for 40/30 cal row/bike if necessary.

Cool Down
Thread the needle


Warm Up
5 Inchworm
10 SL Snatch-grip RDLs p/s
10 sumo good-morning

Sumo Deadlift
5 reps OT3 min for 3 sets.
Pause just below knee for 1 second on way up then 2 second negative and reset on floor.
Build in weight.
Spend only 15 mins here including warm up.

Team Grunt Work. 5 min AMRAP on each station in teams of 2-3.
1: Devils Press. AHAP.
2: SB Clean to shoulder. AHAP.
3: KB SA OHS or KB SA Thruster. AHAP.

AHAP = As heavy as possible.
Devils Press = Dual DB Burpee + Dual DB Hang Snatch

Cool Down


Warm Up
20m gymnastics bear-crawl
then 30sec wrist CAR/s p/s

10 min workshop on KHSPU progressions
Advanced perform 5 min every minute 2-6 KHSPU. Add deficit if possible.

18 min E2MOM
1: 40/30 cal schwinn. 30/20 cal row/assault.
2: 50-200 DUs
3: 5-15 Bar MUs

Scale to jumping bar MUs.
If you don't have DUs, have 1 attempt at the start of each interval, then go to singles.

Bicycle crunch 3 sets of 30 secs on: 30 secs off


Warm Up
Animal Flow
Empty barbell warm up

30 min
90 sec on:90sec off for 10 rounds
Buy in each interval with
3 Hang Squat Clean
into AMRAP
10 Dual DB by side Reverse Lunge 22.5/15
6 Dual DB Push Press

Start from the beginning each round.
Try for negative splits, ie. an extra rep each round.

Cool Down


Warm Up
Game: 40 (20 p/s) Side to side footy passes with wall balls.
2 rounds:
10 twisting bear
10 static spiderman lunge

Overhead Squat
Complex: Clean and jerk to back rack into 10 narrow OHS
15 mins to build to quality.

For time
Buy in 50 HR Burpees
SA KB Hang Clean and Jerk 24/16 (Rx+ 32/24) (alt sets of 5)

Cap: 15 min

Hammy floss

Farm Fit

Warm Up
5m toe walking
5m heel walking
5m outside foot walking
5m inside foot walking
5m internally rotated walking
5m externally rotated walking
10 backwards arm swings
10 walking lunge + high knee onto toe
10m A-Skips

20 min AMRAP
400m run
50m Dual KB Farmers Carry
5 SB Push Press with pause overhead
10 mixed-grip pullups


Warm Up
2 rounds:
10m walking lunge into high knee on toe
10 sec bunny hops
10 double arm backwards arm swings
10m A-Skip


30 min Nasal breathing cardiac output. Change stations every 2 mins
Box Step up. Add weight if necessary.
Wall Balls
SA DB Hang Snatch (5R, 5L etc)

Weightlifting 1

Warm Up
10m spiderman crawl + T-Rotation
then 2 rounds:
StrongFit shoulder openers
StrongFit Bicep Openers
empty barbell snatch Warm Up


Position 1. Build to 3x2

Hang Power Clean and Jerk
Barbell Cycling
2 Bar facing burpee + 8 Push Jerk
Rest 2 mins
4 bar facing burpee + 6 Push jerk
Rest 2 mins
6 bar facing burpee + 4 push jerk
Rest 2 mins
8 bar facing burpee + 2 push jerk

Heavier each set.

Weightlifting 2

Warm Up
10m Lizard Crawl then 2 rounds:
StrongFit shoulder
StrongFit Bicep
Empty Barbell Split Jerk warm up

Split Jerk
2 Push Press + 1 split jerk

Power Snatch
Barbell Cycling
2 Bar facing burpee + 8 Hang Power Snatch
Rest 2 mins
4 bar facing burpee + 6 Hang Power Snatch
Rest 2 mins
6 bar facing burpee + 4 Hang Power Snatch
Rest 2 mins
8 bar facing burpee + 2 hang power snatch

Heavier each set