14.1 Recap

Great start to the 2014 CrossFit Games season at CrossFit Creature. It is Creature's first open, and we are excited to have 41 athletes registered! Saturday morning was a blast for everyone involved. It was inspiring to see all members giving two of the most difficult movements in CrossFit their best effort.

Highlights of the day included Blocker Walsh leaving it all on the gym floor to get over 8 rounds, earning him the Creature Spirit award for week one. Rumour is that he remains so exhausted that he is considering retiring from not only CrossFit, but all physical activity. Another highlight was Danny Yeun's fearless approach to the workout. Danny went out at a blazing πace and held on for a very impressive 5 rounds. Finally Emma's solo effort on Friday night. We all know it can be tough to hit a hard workout by yourself, but Emma stuck through it and was one of many Creature athletes who were able to get through the double unders, despite still learning the movement.

Finally a special mention must be made to the performance of the CrossFit Creatures Team, which is currently sitting 14th in the Australia Region! Lets keep climbing!

With four more weeks left, programming will be formulated to allow us to keep improving our fitness, while also recovering to be in our best physical state each weekend to give the open workouts our best shot. Additionally Friday nights will include some strategy and technique advice for the Open Workout announced that day.

Well done to all athletes who competed, and we hope to see even more athletes at Creature on Saturday for a big week 2.

Creature Coaches.