Direction and Purpose - The Creature Foundations Program.

Some but not all of you ask your self why you show up everyday. 

Why do I do this routine. 

Why do I do this exercise.

Why is it always this on this day.


Well as your coach and programmer my sole task when programming above all things is to make you better. Under that banner I emphasise safety, motivation, enjoyment and progression. For many of you the programming is new and exciting and simply showing up and giving it your best is enough. 


Fortunately though over time and with a few years of training under your belt and a long exposure to Crossfit, you begin to wonder “Why do I do this program?"


Let me tell you.


Simply having no structure and no purpose equals no results. Over the last 3 weeks and for the next 3 (up until regionals), the programming is focused on gymnastics pulling and pressing strength (think pull ups and pressing movements) foundations. These are essential to the building blocks of kipping and high skill gymnastics movements in WODs. Additional skill work like DU’s and pistols are being heavily biased to create a constant exposure to the movements, forced skill practice. As well strict dumbbell and band work builds stronger safer shoulders that can support heavy bars and awkward positions overhead.


With the barbell, positional strength is being emphasised. Not having coached at Creature for a long time it is important now that we in-grain better squatting habits and build strong legs where we need them. So how are we doing this? Long pauses and slow eccentrics (on the way down in the squat) build much stronger positions and translate better to all leg driven movements in Crossfit. Because getting stronger is important it means conditioning has to not take away from the strength work or the gymnastics work. That is why you don’t see as many 'beat downs’. Now although you may perceive these as good for you, they are not. They are fun, maybe, but damaging to the joints and hinder recovery. Whilst they have their place (months leading into the open) they currently take away from the skills and goals mentioned above. Conditioning work should get you fitter but not always leave you crumbled in a slobbering heap 30 mins later barely able to drive home. Conditioning can even make you recover faster and make you feel better after it, yes you read that correctly. Working in pairs and in threes also allows you to work better and more efficiently with work and rest ratios, think intervals. Quickly ask you self what would be of a higher movement quality 100 burpees for time or 10 sets of 10 burpees fast with 1 min rest in between? Yep, I agree.


So how will you know if these things are working?


Well unlike many other programs we RETEST our movements every 6-8 weeks. This will tell you if your consistency in showing up for classes, continual effort and other 23 hours outside the gym have been effective. Knowing all of you, this won’t be an issue. Retesting involves repeating the same barbell lifts e.g. 1RM Power clean and classic Metcons e.g. Elizabeth between training cycles. 


Results are motivating. I can see them happening already. Show up most days, trust and listen to your coaches and have fun.


Have a great day,


Lachy. - for each week of programming.