May 12

A. Warm Up

3 rounds

10 inchworms
10 squat to stand
10 wide split inchworm (feet start wide and stay fixed, walk hands in and out)

B. Activation

For Quality (8min Cap), working through:

30 DU/60 Singles
20 Ring dips/ ring push ups/ push ups/ scaled push up
10 Strict T2B/ V-snap

C. Strength

Back Squat @ 21X1 (1 second pause in bottom)

5 sets x1-2*

*second weight on bar is first working set, improve on last week

Rest 2-3min

D. Conditioning

3min on/1 off x 4 rounds (get out a pair of Dbells)

20 Alternating Dbell Snatch 25/15kg
10 burpee to plate
5 Dbell Thruster

E. Cool down