Nov 28-Dec 2


A. Warm Up
2 rounds with a light plate
20 russian twists
1 length bear crawl plate on back
1 length lunges plate over head
10 plate G2OH
10 plate goblet squats

Thoracic Flow

B. Front Squat + FR Lunge
4 x 4+8 alt rev steps

B2. Strict TTB or knee to elbow raise
5 x 3 reps with 3 sec pause at top of rep

C. 13 min working in pairs
20 burpee to a plate
17 pull ups
14 squat cleans @ 60/40

Lion 4 - 80/55


A. Warm Up
2 rounds
5 inch worms with push up
10 bunny hops
30 sec table top hold

Shoulder flow

4 x 4 @ 21X1

B2. Chin over bar hold
4 x add 5 seconds to last weeks average

B3. Banded face pulls from seated straddle
4 x 15

C. Nancy intervals
4 intervals of

200m run
7 OHS @ 50/35kg
Rest 2 mins

OHS Sub is front rack or OH lunges

- OHS is only allowed if you can do 60/40kg for 5 reps Unbroken.
- hit this at 90%
- score is your slowest round


A. Warm Up
2 rounds
20 leg swings each side (without holding onto pole)
10 cossack squats
30 sec duck walk
3 cat camels (or angry cats, warming up the spine)

Hammie flow

B. Deficit deadlifts
4 x 4 @ 20X2
- stand on a plate roughly 2 inches high

B2. Partner GHR
4 x 5 reps
- controlled eccentric

C. 5 min AMRAP
Farmers carry hold with DB or KB

- every drop is 5 burpees
- as heavy as possible
- nothing below 15kg/side for any guy or girl

Rest 2 min

5 min AMRAP
30 DUs
10 TTB

- score is reps for both rounds


A. Warm Up

3 rounds
60 secs of single skips
5 burpees
5 deck squats

B. Explosive plyometric training

3 rounds in pairs, alternating turns
3 attempts
B1. Max height vertical tuck jump over dowell as a hurdle, partner holding it
B2. 3 x Single leg height max jump and two foot land
B3. 3 x Single leg broad jump take off with double foot land

- explosive strength work

3 rounds - plyo skill work
C1. Set up 3 plates on floor
jump from plate to plate and set them as far apart as possible
C2. Kneeling tuck squat jump - 5 reps, add a DB if too easy
C3. Max distance seated broad jump x 3

D. Workout
4 rounds
Split stance ball overhead rotations 20 revolutions/stance
8 tempo push ups @ 2222


A. Warm up
2 rounds
60 sec walking lunges forward
60 sec walking lunges reverse
30 sec hollow hold

Hip Flow

B. Back squat
@ 21X1

- keep the weight across the 6's at 95% of 6 from last week

B2. Weighted cossack squat
4 x 5/side

C. EMOM 16 min
1 - 50 sec ME KB swings
2 - 18 box jumps
3 - 1 power clean @ 85-90% 1RM
4- Rest


A. Warm Up
3 rounds
5 reps ball plate overhead reach
10 dowell pass throughs floor facing
30 sec rear support hold

Shoulder flow

B. 20 min cap.

For quality

Partner Handstand work
Freestanding partner practice
2 attempts for quality time each

or scale to wall assissted free standing

B2. Pike push up or Strict HSPU
5-10 reps
- can be broken up.

C. OT4mins for 5 sets
30 wall balls
60 sec double KB FR hold @ 24/16

- if you break on the KB hold add 200m run to a total to be run at the 20 min mark.


A. Strong feet
3 sets
5 x five's
30 sec toe walking
kneeling balance knee stretch 10 reps

B. Running Lab
3 sets
30 sec zombie jog
30 sec/side run and pull
60 sec cap run skipping

C. Marrickville + Edgecliff Running
7 x 400m
Rest 90 seconds
- pace: all within 3 seconds of first interval

C. Bondi junction circuit
30 min cap
3 x 1000m row or 1.6km airbike
- rest 2 min between intervals

Weightlifting thursday - starts at 6:45pm

A. Body weight and dowell warm up

B. Empty bar drills warmup

C. Snatch work
C1. Snatch heavy pull
C2. Snatch double

D. Jerk drills

E. Power clean + FS + Split jerk
(FS with jerk grip)

Weightlifting Saturday

A. Body weight and dowell warm up

B. Empty bar drills warmup

C. Split jerk and push jerk drills

D. heavy clean and snatch pulls