July 25 - Aug 1


A. Warm Up
3 rounds
5 air squats @ 3030
30 sec duck walk
10 shrugs hanging on bar

Hip Flow

B. Front Squat + Thruster
4 x 2 @ 21X1 +1
(tempo on FS only)
- front squat then thruster, switched from last week

B2. Double OH rev KB lunge
8 reps alt
- use 1 KB if 2 is causing issues

C. 12 min AMRAP in pairs
Round for Round
15 sec bottom of the squat KB hold
10 walking lunges in FR
3 KB thrusters
10 walking lunges in Farmers carry grip

- pick a weight you can do UB for at least half the WOD


A. Warm Up
3 rounds
30 sec/side DB waiters carry
10 cook bridge/side
10 shrimp squats/side

Hammie Flow

B. 10 min every 2 min
1 power clean 1 squat clean x 2

- pause in catch on PC and bottom of squat on first PC and SC only, no tempo on next 2 reps
- full grip every rep

C. 2 on / 2 off x 5
50 DUs or 80 SUs
10 UB TTB or straight leg raises
20 burpees to a plate

- score as rounds for reps


A. Warm Up
2 mins
Bunny hops with coach calling for athletic burpees
rest 1 min
2 min
Bear crawl
with coach calling 'switch' which is cue to go in reverse

Hip Flow

B. Back squat
- increase on all sets by 1-2.5kg from last week

B2. Wall Angel
5 x 5 reps
5 scap push ups

C. 5 min AMRAP
50 DB snatches alt
50 box jumps
AMRAP pull ups

- score is total reps


A. Warm Up
3 sets
10 floor facing dowell pass throughs
10 overhead dowell lunge with pause and thoracic rotation

B. Sumo Deadlift
5 x 1.1.1
Rest 20 btw clusters
- moderate load across

B2. Box hamstring curls
3 x 8
or 3 x 4/side

- tempo = 2 sec hold with hips up at top of contraction (not at lock out)

B3. BTN Snatch grip Straddle Z-press 3x5 reps
- build on last week

C. Upper body condition
With a partner
going exercise for exercise

3 sets (14 min cap)
Accumulate 30 sec chin over the bar hold
into 5 pull ups or partner assissted pull ups
accumulate 30 sec ring support or box support hold
into 10 ring dips, box dips or push ups
Accumulate 30 sec hollow hold with plates in hands

- rest as needed btw exercises
- coach your partner and encourage them TO BE BETTER!


A. Warm Up
2 rounds
20 sec pike walk
20 sec bear crawl

B. 30 min AMRAP
Run 400m or row 400m
30 wall balls
20 KB swings
10 DB manmankers moderate weight
Rest 2 min

- focus on breathing to bring the HR back down

C. Over head complex 3 sets
C1. KB TGU sit up only 5/side
C2. 10-30 sec wall facing HS hold
C3. DB rotator cuff side lying 10/side

Monkey 4 - partner assisted Freestanding HS hold


A. Warm Up
50 walking lunges
Every 10 lunges
Do 6 squat rotations
1 dive bomber
2 thoracic bridges

4 x 6 reps
- Building
- moderate weight

B2. single arm DB Row
- use a support for other arm
4 x 8 reps

C. 21 min EMOM
1 - 5 Tng CJ @ 45/30kg
2 - AMRAP Cindy
3 - Rest

- build weight onmin 1 to AHAP
- try to increase on reps from last week

Monkey 4 - Nate