October 9 - 14


Warm Up
a: 2 Rounds:
6 Single DB/KB OH Lunge p/s
6 Single DB/KB OHS p/s
Hip Flow
5 explosive burpee to vertical jump

b: Back Squat 3-2-1-3-2-1

c: 4 Rounds OT4min
15/10 cal AB or 15/10 cal rower (45 sec cap)
10 Burpee Box Overs 24/20 (hands can touch box)
10 Wall Balls 20/14

Scoring: Record time of each interval

Rx+ 30/20lb WB

d: 2 mins Front split stretch p/s

e: RFESS holding DBs by side. 15 reps light per side, 15 reps moderate per side, 8-15 reps heavy per side (achieve muscular fatigue on last set)
f: 2 min banded lat/oblique stretch per side


Warm Up
a: Lizard Crawl
TGU Press Complex
10 explosive SA chest pass into wall aka Hadouken

b1: Strict Press 5 at 60%, 5 at 70% 5+ at 80%
b2: Landmine Row. 15 reps light, 15 reps moderate, 8-15 reps heavy(achieve muscular fatigue on last set)

c: For time

Partner round for round
6 rounds each:
5 STOH 95/65
5 Thrusters
5 Front Squats
5 HR Push ups

Cap 14 min

Rx+ 135/95

d: 2 mins to accumulate time in hang

e1: Tall Kneeling Dual KB Alternating Press. 20 light, 20 moderate, 16-20 heavy
e2: Rear delt fly 15 light, moderate, 8-15 heavy
e3: SA DB OH tricep ext 15 light, 15 moderate, 8-15 heavy
e4: DB Pullover 15 light, 15 moderate, 8-15 heavy


Warm Up
a: Ape Walk sidewards + OH ext
1 min p/s Hip CARs
3x5 Dual Russian KB Swing

b: 20 rep Deadlift

c: 18 min every 2nd min
1: 6 alternating SB Cleans into 5-10 Sandbag squats into carry 30m
2: Run 400m or Row 400/300m
3: 20 alt step ups on 20inch box holding DBs by side

d: Bretzel/Pretzel stretch 2 mins p/s

e1: Partner GHR 3x3-5 reps SLOWEST negative possible
e2: DB Deathmarch 20 light, 20 moderate, 16-20 heavy


Warm Up
a: Walking high knee and raise onto toe
Walking Single Leg quad stretch plus toe touch
Duck Walk
2x10m side shuttle each way
Thoracic Flow

30 min EMOM
1: 1-5 SHSPU+1-5 KHSPU. Can add deficit. OR 1-5 Pike HSPU + 1-5 Push Ups
2: 5-20 DUs
3: 1-5 Wtd Strict Pullups + 1-5 Strict Pullups + 1-5 KIPPING (not butterfly) CTB/Pullups OR 1 chin over bar hold + 1 SLOW negative + 5-10 Kip Swings
4: 5-20 DUs
5: 1-5 Wtd Ring Dip + 1-5 Strict Dip + 1-5 Kipping Ring Dips
6: 5-20 DUs

d: 2 mins Seated shoulder ext

e1: 3x10-30 sec Line Hold
e2: 3x 5-30 sec L-Sit Hold

f: Wrist 2 min static +PAILs/RAILs


Warm Up
a: Funnel Tag
2 rounds:
10m Crab Walk
10 cossacks (5 p/s)
1 min Ankle CARs p/s

b: FAF
3 rounds OT 10 min
Bike or Row 40/30 cals (1min 45sec cap)
20 HR Burpees
20 Box Jumps 24/20
20 DB Snatch 22.5/15
20 Wall Balls 20/14

Scoring: Record time of each interval

32.5/20kg DB
30/20lb WB

c: 2 min pigeon stretch per side

d: 3 sets each side of 30m Single KB OH carry into 15m Front Rack Carry into 30m suitcase carry
e: 2 min banded tricep stretch each side
f: 2 min calf static +PAILs/RAILs per side


Warm Up
a: 40 Partner Wall Balls (20 each ie. 10 each side)
Thoracic Flow
1 min per side of Wrist CARs
5 Kneeling jump into squat jump (or just squat jump)

b: Front Squat. Build to heavy 1 rep Tempo Front. Tempo 1-7-X-15. (7 in the bottom, 15 at the top before racking)
c1: Then complete 3x3 at 80% of max weight achieved for tempo squat with SAME TEMPO.
c2: Clean Pull 3x3 at heavy


d: In heats
Bergeron Beep Test
EMOM for as long as possible
7 Thrusters 75/55
7 Pullups
7 Burpees

e: 2 min banded standing straddle
f: 2 min lying pec stretch per side


Warm up

3 rounds

Shoulder opener sequence

Single leg BB Deadlifts


3 x 2 lots of 13m Sand bag carry to over a belly button hight bar

3x1 length (13m) rope pulls

3x3 lenghts (39m) prowler push/sprint