Feb 6-11


A. Warm Up
2 rounds
40 sec UB bear crawl
30 sec UB duck walk
20 sec UB alt jumping lunges

- rest btw movements


B. Back Squat
Build to a 3RM in 20 min

B2. RFESS no weight
3 x 10/side
- activation between sets

C. Open WOD 11.3
5 min AMRAP
Squat clean and Jerk @ 75/50


A. Warm Up
EMOM 4 min
10 OH walking lunges
10 OHS with dowell

B. Strict pull up
3 x 10
- partner assissted or weighted

B2. Upright DB row
3 x 10/side

C. 28 min OT4min
30 wall balls
20 burpees
10 TTB

Monkey 4 - 10 Bar MU


A. Warm Up
2 rounds in pairs
(reps are for each person)
20 rotational med ball passes 10/side
10 chest passes from bottom of squat


B. Front Squat
Build to a 1RM in 15 min


C. 3 min AMRAP
DB or KB Hang Squat Clean


3 min AMRAP
DB or KB Push press


3 min AMRAP
DB or KB Thrusters


A. Warm up
2 rounds
2 TGU/side
5 KB windmill/side
5 air squats balancing on toes

Shoulder Flow

B. Shoulder endurance piece - 5 sets

B1. 60 sec ME Wall facing HS hold
Rest 30
B2. 60 sec ME Strict HSPU
Rest 30
B3. 60 sec ME Open standard kipping HSPU
Rest as needed

Scale to:
HS hold / push up / wall walk

C. WOD in pairs
10 min AMRAP rd for rd
10 deadlifts @ 60/40
8 BF Burpees
16 DUs

Lion 85/55


A. Warm up
3 rounds
5 single leg glute bridge with leg almost straight (slight knee bend)
5 single leg drinking bird no weight
1 inch worm

B. Partner GHR
5 x 8 reps each

B2. FR Barbell reverse Lunge
5 x 10 reps alternating

C. 16 min AMRAP
6-12-18-24-30 etc
Power snatch @ 35/25kg
4-8-12-16-20 etc
Pull up or CTB

- must be UB sets of 5 for PS


A. Warm up
3 rounds
1 min DU practice
10 cossack squats

B. DB skill/strength circuit

20 min AMRAP for quality
B1. Double DB OH walking lunge
20 steps
B2. DB Hang Squat clean thruster 8-10 reps
B3. DB power snatch 20 reps alternating

- alternate through at different weights in groups
- focus on technique

C. In pairs (sharing the work) fo 16 min
30 burpee box jumps
800m row or run

Creature Endurance

A. Strong feet
2 sets
5 x five's
10 squats on toes
DB calf raises 20 reps

B. Running Lab
2 sets
10/side pull drill on wall
30 sec/side run and pull

C. 25 min cap

800m run or row
600m run or row
400m run or row
200m run or row

Rest 1:1