April 3-8


A. Warm Up

2 rounds
Deck squat 5 reps
Lateral standing leg lift 10/side
Dive bomber 3 reps
30 sec bear crawl

B. Leg strength circuit
4 sets
B1. 5 weighted lateral step ups/side
B2. 5 natural knee extensions
B3. 5-8 partner GHR
B4. RFESS 5reps KB Front rack

C. Upper body strength
3-4 rounds
1 min ME ring rows
1 min ME hanging shrugs from pull up bar with weight
1 min ME DB folded over row
1 min Rest


A. Warm Up

3 rounds
1 TGU/side
10 1-arm russian KB swings/side
5 KB CJ /side

B. KB training
B1. KB FR tempo squats 4-8 reps @ 5050
B2. DB Straight leg deadlift 4 reps @ 5050

- move for quality here

C. Grip endurance
10 min
200m Farmers carry
10 TTB
50 DUs


A. Warm up

2 rounds
20 walking lunges
10 spiderman lunges
10 glute bridges

B. BB FR Revese alt lunge
4 x 14 steps
- heavy

B2. Weighted step up
4 x 5/side

- incease weight not step height

C. In pairs
4-5 sets
Round for round
200m run or 1 min row or bike hard
30 Wall balls


A. Warm Up

3 rounds
10 dowell passthroughs
30 sec reverse plank
30 sec hollow hold

B. Upper body strength circuit
4 sets
B1. 6 weighted or assissted strict pull ups with a controlled tempo
B2. 3 slow Ball ups or assissted ball ups for lats
B3. DB curls 10/side

C. Core Strength endurance
EMOM 12 min
1 - 45 sec russian twists with medball
2 - 45 sec seated leglifts
3 - 45 sec Hanging Leg raises or knee raises


A. Warm up

2 rounds
5 scap push ups slow
5 push ups
2 dive bombers
20 band pull aparts

B. Bench Press (any grip)
5 x 6 reps
- controlled tempo no bounce

B2. Reverse plate of DB flyes
3 x 12 reps

C. 12 min AMRAP
10 burpee box jumps
20 KB swings @ 32/24
30 DUs
Rest 1 min


A. Warm up

3 rounds
30 sec revese bear crawl
30 sec superman rock
30 sec alt thoracic bridge

B. Empty Bar warm up

B. Power clean complex
EMOM 10 min
3 clean pulls
1 power clean

C. WOD in pairs
16 min AMRAP
Share the work
10 wall walks
30 burpees to a plate
50 wall balls
Run 400m together

- every second round run the 400m with the plate and the wall ball


A. Strongfeet
2 sets
A1. Ankle circles 6 reps
- 3 clockwise then 3 anti clockwise
- lying on your back

A2. Fives
- hold light DBs to make it harder

B. Running Lab drills
B1. 60 sec run and pull
B2. 60 sec running and skipping

C. Interval work
1 min max calories on rower or bike
Rest to recovery.
2 sets


45 sec max calories on rower or bike
Rest to recovery.
3 sets


30 sec max calories on rower or bike
Rest to recovery.
4 sets


A. Prowler sprints in carpark
3 sets - hard

B. Heavy Yolk carry in car park
3 sets

C. Sand bag squats and carries
5-6 sets