March 27- April 1

Post-Open Party April 1 at 1pm Marcelleria Newtown. (Check your emails)



A. Warm Up

2 rounds
Deck squat 5 reps
Lateral standing leg lift 10/side
Dive bomber 3 reps
30 sec bear crawl

B. Leg strength circuit
4 sets
B1. 5-10 shrimp squats /side
B2. 5 natural knee extensions
B3. 5-8 partner GHR
B4. RFESS 5reps with weight

C. Upper body strength
4-5 sets
C1. Oblique 1 arm barbell row 10 reps/side
C2. 2 arm DB folded over row 10 reps
C3. Wall walk max reps in 60 sec


A. Warm Up

3 rounds
1 TGU/side
10 1-arm russian KB swings/side
5 KB CJ /side

B. KB Complex
5 sets of
5 KB push Press
5 FS
5m OH carry

- move for quality here

C. Grip endurance
10 min
Max distance KB walk
- every time you break 10 burpees


A. Warm up

2 rounds
20 walking lunges
10 spiderman lunges
10 glute bridges

B. Barbell Reverse Lunge
5 x 10 reps alternating

- weight should be moderate

B2. Single Leg glute bridge
5 x 10/side with weight

C. EMOM for 12 min
1 - 15 box jumps with step down
2 - 2 DB man makers
3 - ME hanging L-sit or bent knee raise


A. Warm Up

3 rounds
10 dowell passthroughs
30 sec reverse plank
30 sec hollow hold

B. Upper body strength circuit
4 sets
B1. 5 weighted or assissted strict pull ups with a controlled tempo
B2. Ring row 8-10 reps hard @ 3030
B3. 2 arm bent over DB row 6-7 reps - heavier than monday

C. Isometrics Strength endurance
EMOM 12 min
1 - ME front support
2 - ME left side support
3 - ME right side support
4 - 45 sec Max cal on rower or bike


A. Warm up

2 rounds
5 scap push ups slow
5 push ups
2 dive bombers
20 band pull aparts

B. Bench Press (any grip)
5 x 8 reps
- controlled tempo no bounce

B2. Reverse plate of DB flyes
3 x 15 reps

C. 9 min AMRAP
10 DB manmakers
30 wall balls
100 single skips or if shins recovered 60 DUs
30 wall balls
10 DB manmakers
in time remaining
ME push ups or ring dips


A. Warm up

3 rounds
30 sec revese bear crawl
30 sec superman rock
30 sec alt thoracic bridge

B. 3 sets
B1. Tall kneeling KB press
5 reps/side
- do all the reps on one side whilst the other side rests KB in FR

B2. Wall facing HS hold
30-60 seconds

C. WOD in pairs
16 min AMRAP
Together Run 400m
KB swing
Burpee to a plate
(break up however)
400m medball run, 1 medball each


A. Strongfeet
2 sets
A1. Ankle circles 6 reps
- 3 clockwise then 3 anti clockwise
- lying on your back

A2. Fives
- hold light DBs to make it harder

B. Running Lab drills
B1. 60 sec run and pull
B2. 60 sec running and skipping

C. Interval work
15 min
Max distance run


A. Prowler sprints in carpark
3 sets - hard

B. Heavy Yolk carry in car park
3 sets

C. Sand bag squats and carries
5-6 sets