September 25 - 30


a: Warm Up
5 No-Hand Burpees
Hip Flow
5 explosive squat jumps with reset between each

b: Back Squat build to heavy 20 reps @heavier than last week. 75%+

c: Metcon
6 Rounds:
20sec AB/rower AMRAP cals straight into alternating 40 sec DB Snatch 22.5/15 and Box Jumps Overs
Rest 2 mins

Score is addition of AB/rower cals, DB Snatch and BJO

d: Stretch
2 min couch static + RAILs/RAILs per side

e: Pistols Squats 3x4 p/s Tempo 3333
f: 2 min banded lat/oblique stretch per side



a: Warm Up
Bear Crawl forwards and backwards
TGU Press Complex
5 explosive med ball chest pass into wall

b: Strength
b1: 3 sets of complex: 3 strict press + 5 push press (consistent weight)
b2: SA DB hand on box row 8,8,8+ (build in weight, go to muscular fatigue on last set)

c: Metcon
Partner head to head
3 rounds each:
Partner 1: Run/Row 400m
Partner 2: AMRAP 10 Burpees, 10 Thruster 40/25 until partner 1 returns
Then swap. Repeat for 3 rounds total.

Score is total Thrusters and Burpees over 3 rounds.
Winner gets most reps

Cap: 14 min

d: Stretch
2 mins to accumulate time in hang

e: Extras
e1: TGU Half Seated KB Press 3x10 p/s
e2: DB JM Press 3x15
e3: 3x30 seconds Black Burns
e4: 3x30 sec s-waves


a: Warm Up
Lizard crawl
3 shouder CARs p/s
3 sets of 5 explosive Russian KB Swing with partner push down

Sumo Deadlift 6,8,10,12

c: Metcon
EMOM 15min
1: 30 sec AMRAP DUs

2: Dual KB Complex: 5 Sumo DL + 4 Hang Power Clean + 3 Front Squat + 2 Push Press
3: 30m Sandbag carry

d: Stretch
2 min per side banded front split stretch

e: Extras
e1: Glute Ham Raise Accumulate 10-30 reps


a: Warm Up
Walking high knee and raise onto toe
Walking Single Leg quad stretch plus toe touch
Swing leg over gate into sumo squat
10 sec bunny hops
1 min ankle CARs p/s
Thoracic Flow

15min EMOM
1: 1-3 SMU or 3-8 false grip pullup/ring row
2: Deficit Pike HSPU/Def Box HSPU/Def SHSPU
3: 5-20 sec L-Sit Hold on parallettes.

c: Metcon
16 min: EMOM:
1: 5-15 Kipping CTB
2: 5-15 KHSPU. Option of Deficit
3: Run 200m/Row
4: Rest

d: 2 mins Seated shoulder ext


e1: 3x10-30sec nose to Wall HS Hold
e2: 3x submax sets Ring Dip Tempo 21X1
e3: 3x submax sets Strict Wide Pullup

f: Wrist 2 min static +PAILs/RAILs


a: Warm Up

2 mins pizza box game

2 Rounds: 
10 Walking Lunge
5 Strict Burpee
5 Deck Squats
1 min Hip CARs each side
2x5 p/s of Quadroped Thoracic Rotation


30 min EMOM
1: Row 200/150m or Run 200m  (45sec cap)
2: 10 Box Jumps 24/20
3: 5 Dual DB Power Clean + 10 Walking Lunge 22.5/15
4: 45sec AMRAP Bike cals
5: Rest

Scoring: Bike Cals each round

Rx+ 30/24 box

2 min pigeon stretch per side

2min banded tricep stretch each side
2 min calf static +PAILs/RAILs per side



a: Warm Up
40 Partner Wall Balls (20 each ie. 10 each side)
Thoracic Flow
1 min per side of Wrist CARs
10 Single leg broad jumps landing in squat position

Every 2nd min for 5 sets
2 Power Cleans with 2 second pause in the catch into a squat

In heats:

For time:
Frantasy land variation
21 Thruster 95/65
21 Pullups
15 Thrusters 115/80
15 CTB (or 21 Pullups)
9 Thrusters 135/95
9 MUs (or 21 Pullups or 15 CTB)


2 min banded standing straddle
2 min lying pec stretch per side



Warm up

3 rounds

Shoulder opener sequence

Single leg BB Deadlifts


3x3 lenghts (39m) prowler push/sprint

3x2 lengths (26m) Farmers carry

3x5-10 single arm bench


400m Sand bag carry