February 11 - 16


Warm Up
20m Lizard crawl
1 min hip CARs p/s
30 sec ankle CARs p/s
5 kneeling jump into squat jump

Back Squat in at least 5 sets, build to a heavy 5
Superset archer Ring Row 5x10 (5p/s)
20 min cap here.

OT3min for 4 sets
Schwinn 10-25cal, Assault/Row 10-20 cal (45sec cap)
6 Dual DB Power Clean
6 (3p/s) Dual DB Front Rack Walking Lunge @ heavy
6 Dual DB Thruster Cap 45sec on bike/row Stagger wavers 1 min apart

Cool Down
Spiderman + foot lift-offs


Warm Up
Animal Flow
Warm Up Barbell and Metcon Skills

40 min
2 min on: 2 min off for 10 rounds
Buy in each interval with
5 Barbell Hang Power Clean and Jerk 115/75 (Rx+ 135/95)
into AMRAP
10 KB Swing 24/16
10 HR Burpees

Start from the beginning each round. Try for negative splits, ie. an extra rep each round.

Cool Down
Thread the needle


Warm Up
5 Inchworm
10 SL Snatch-grip RDLs p/s
10 sumo good-morning

Sumo Deadlift
3 reps OT2min for 4 sets.
Pause at knee for 1 second on way up then 2 second negative and reset on floor.
Build in weight.
Spend only 15 mins here including warm up.

In pairs
18min E3MOM
1) Run 400m together
2) 20-40 alt SB cleans to shoulder
3) 30-50 Heavy Wall Ball 30/20

Break SB and WB up however

Cool Down


Warm Up
20m gymnastics bear-crawl
30sec wrist CAR/s p/s

10 min workshop on Kipping Ring Dip progressions
Advanced perform 5 min every 30 seconds 2-8 Kip Dip.

For time
5 rounds:
50 DUs
50 DUs 10 TTB

Scale to Pike HSPU

Hollow to superman team roll game


Warm Up
Animal Flow
Empty barbell warm up

30 min
90 sec on:90sec off for 10 rounds
Buy in each interval with
1 Power Clean + 1 Hang Squat Clean
into AMRAP
5 Burpee to target

Start from the beginning each round. Try for negative splits, ie. an extra rep each round.

Cool Down


Warm Up
Game: Touch palms with partner, each walk feet back as far as possible
2 rounds:
10 twisting bear
10 static spiderman lunge

Overhead squat
10 min E2MOM
From rack. Moderate weight.

For time
Dual DB Front Squat 22.5/15
Alt SA DB Snatch

Cap: 15 min


Hammy floss

Farm Fit

Warm Up
5m toe walking
5m heel walking
5m outside foot walking
5m inside foot walking
5m internally rotated walking
5m externally rotated walking
10 backwards arm swings
10 walking lunge + high knee onto toe
10m A-Skips

OT2min for 4 rounds
1) Run 400m
2) 8 alt KB TGU @ heavy
3) 8 SA DB Chinese row p/s @ heavy

Farm Strength

Warm Up
In groups of 2-3 for 5 rounds:
4 alt sanbag clean to shoulder
5 sandbag thrusters
30m sandbag bear-hug carry

Farm Strength
a: 5x2 Heavy SB Clean to Front Rack
b: 3x10steps Barbell OH Walking Lunge
c: 4x6-8 Chest-supported Dual KB Row. Elevate front of bench on plate stack


Warm Up
2 rounds:
10m walking lunge into high knee on toe
10 sec bunny hops
10 double arm backwards arm swings
10m A-Skip

Dual DB Front Rack Aerobic Squats
4x9 reps Tempo 2020. No rest at top or bottom. Set should take exactly 36 seconds. Rest 40 seconds in between each set.


20 min
3 min AMRAP on each exercise, 2 min rest between each exercise. Any order.

1: 3 min AMRAP Row
2: 3 min AMRAP 10 (5 p/s) SA DB Hang Snatch + 10 Box Jumps
3: 3 min AMRAP Bike 4: 3 min AMRAP 50 DUs + 15 Wall Balls 20/14

Weightlifting 1

Warm Up
10m spiderman crawl + T-Rotation
then 2 rounds:
StrongFit shoulder openers
StrongFit Bicep Openers
empty barbell snatch Warm Up


15 mins to build to heavy Power Snatch + hang squat

Power Clean
Barbell cycling 10,8,5,3 TNG
Rest 2 mins between each set.

Weightlifting 2

Warm Up
10m Lizard Crawl
then 2 rounds:
StrongFit shoulder Openers
StrongFit Bicep Openers then Empty Barbell Split Jerk warm up

Split Jerk

3x2 at start with less dominant foot for first jerk, then dominant foot.
From rack.

Power Snatch
Barbell Cycling 10,8,5,3
Rest 2 mins between each set.