February 4 - 9


Warm Up
Animal Flow Week 5.
2x1min p/s glute clam isometric
5 slow airsquats
5 jump squats

Front Squat 3x3.3.3 at 90%.
Cluster sets. Rack barbell and rest 20secs between each mini-set.
Superset with Overhand bar pullup. 5x5. Heavier than last week
Scale: Add rep to last set or perform 5x2 pull-up negatives

12 min EMOM
1: 30-80 DUs
2: 20 KB Swing 24/16 (Rx+ 32/24)

Cool Down
Spiderman + foot lift-offs


Warm Up
20m reverse bear-crawl
30 sec scap CARs
30 sec thoracic CARs
45 sec p/s shoulder CARs

Push Press
3x3.3.3 at 90%
Cluster sets. Rack barbell and rest 20secs between each mini-set.
Superset with underhand barbell bent row. 5x5. Add weight to last week.
Hard time-cap of 18 mins here.

20 min: 2 min on: 2 min off
Buy in each interval with 8 Barbell Thruster 95/65
then AMRAP 5 Burpee to target, 5 Pullups
Start from the beginning each round. Try for negative splits, ie. an extra rep each round.

Cool Down
Thread the needle


Warm Up
30m bear crawl
2 rounds:
20sec hollow hold/rock
20 sec glute bridge walk

Deadlift 20-rep set at 65-70%
Build to 1 technically sound set of 20 reps.
Spend up to 15 mins here.

20 min AMRAP
Run 400m on the 0:00, 5:00, 10:00, 15:00
in remaining time AMRAP
12 alt Renegade Row
8 Dual-DB-by-side box-step-over 22.5/15
12 alt DB Snatch

Box no higher than 20inch (set up plates if necessary).
Step over any way.

Cool Down


Warm Up
Animal Flow Week 5.
3x1 reps skin-the-cat or assisted skin-the-cat


10 min workshop on Kipping TTB progressions.
Advanced perform 5 min every 30 seconds 2-8 TTB.

18 min E2MOM
1: Schwinn 40/30 cals or Assault/Row 30/20 cals
2: 15-30 Box Jumps
3: 1-10 SHSPU (scale to Pike/Box HSPU)

2 sets per side. 30 sec plank with one leg lift.
Lift opposite arm for extra challenge.


Warm Up
2 rounds:
1 min toe crawl
1 min p/s running man
Empty barbell warm up

Every 5 mins for 30 min (6 rounds)
1 Squat Clean + 1 Hang Power Clean
10 HR burpees
15 KB Swing 24/16
20 Wall Balls 20/14

Cool Down


Warm Up
Game: Left hand right hand thumb war against partner
2 rounds:
10 alternating reverse lunges
5 downdog to divebomber
10 airsquats

Overhead squat

15 mins to build to quality 5 reps with Tempo 2211
From Rack.


For time
2-4-6-4-2 Bar MU
12-14-16-14-12 Dual DB Power Clean and Jerk 22.5/15

Cap: 15 min

Hammy floss

Farm Fit

Warm Up
5m toe walking
5m heel walking
5m outside foot walking
5m inside foot walking
5m internally rotated walking
5m externally rotated walking
10 backwards arm swings
10 walking lunge + high knee onto toe
10m A-Skips

20 min AMRAP
200m run
5 Dual DB Power Clean
5 Dual DB Push Press
10 alt Dual DB Front Rack Reverse Lunge
5 Strict Pullups or Ring Rows

Farm Strength

Warm Up
In groups of 2-3 for 5 rounds:
4 alt sanbag clean to shoulder
5 sandbag thrusters
30m sandbag bear-hug carry

Farm Strength
a: 3x30m HEAVY sandbag carry
b: 4x6-8 HEAVY sandbag floor press
c: 4x6-8 Chest-supported Dual KB Row. Elevate front of bench on plate stack


Warm Up
2 rounds:
10m walking lunge into high knee on toe
10 sec bunny hops
10 double arm backwards arm swings
10m A-Skip

Dual DB Front Rack Aerobic Squats
4x8 reps Tempo 2020. No rest at top or bottom. Set should take exactly 32 seconds. Rest 40 seconds in between each set.

20 min
2 min AMRAP on each exercise, 2 min rest between each exercise. Any order.

1: 2 min AMRAP Row
2: 2 min AMRAP Burpee Box Jumps 24/20
3: 2 min AMRAP Bike
4: 2 min SB clean to shoulder
5: 2 min DUs

Weightlifting 1

Warm Up
10m spiderman crawl + T-Rotation
then 2 rounds:
StrongFit shoulder openers
StrongFit Bicep Openers
empty barbell snatch Warm Up

15 mins to build to quality 2 rep snatch with pause at knee

Hang Power Clean and Jerk
Barbell cycling 10,8,5,3 TNG
Rest 2 mins between each set.

Weightlifting 2

Warm Up
10m Lizard Crawl
then 2 rounds:
StrongFit shoulder
StrongFit Bicep Openers
Empty Barbell
Split Jerk warm up

Split Jerk
3x2 at start with less dominant foot for first jerk, then dominant foot.
From rack.

Hang Power Snatch
Barbell Cycling 10,8,5,3
Rest 2 mins between each set.