November 26 - December 1


Warm Up
30m bear crawl
2 p/s of 1min banded clam
2x3 rebounding squat jump

Back Squat 3x8, Tempo 30X2
Superset Ring Row 5x15


For time:
5 rounds:
50 DUs
8 Devil's Press 22.5/15

Cap: 10 min

Cool Down



Warm Up
10 Long Inchworm
then 2 rounds:
30 sec hang
30 sec S-Wave

Jerk-Width Bench Press 3x8 Tempo 21X1
Superset Dual DB Z-Press 3x8, Tempo 20X1
and 5x10 Wall Angels


12 min AMRAP in pairs.
Run 400m together.
40 Thrusters 95/65. Break reps up however.

Sub 400m run for 200/150m row while the other does 20 burpees then swap.

Cool Down

Seated shoulder ext


Warm Up
30m walking lunges
2x4 alternating jumping lunges
2x10 empty barbell sumo deadlift with band pulling away

Sumo Deadlift 3x8, Tempo 3030
Superset 5x8 ring chin-ups (underhand grip, add weight as necessary)

15 min EMOM
1: 6 (3p/s) Dual DB by side Reverse lunge into box step ups. No higher than 20 inch box
2: 30m SB Bear hug carry
3: 12 (6R, 6L) SA KB Hang Power Clean

Score is weight for each object

Cool Down

Twisted Lizard


Warm Up
2 rounds:
20 sec hollow hold/rock
5 scap pullups
10 kip swings
10 Pike HSPU
5 Push Ups

Gymnastics Strength Circuit
5 rounds (20 min cap):
8 SHSPU (add deficit as necessary)
8 Ring Dip (add weight as necessary)
L-Sit Hold 5-20 seconds


18 min EMOM:
1: Run 200m, or Row 200/150m, or Schwinn 20/15 cal
2: Alternating AMRAP alternating TTB/CTB
3: Rest

Score is total number of CTB+TTB

Cool Down
Thread the needle


Warm Up
10 alternating spiderman lunge passing through bottom of squat
30 sec wrist extension stretch
5 kneeling jump


Perfom 1 set ever 2 minutes for 5 sets
1 Power Clean + 3 Pause Front Squat

20 min AMRAP
20 HR Burpees
20 Box Jumps 24/20
20 (5R, 5L etc) SA DB Hang Snatch

Cool Down
Seated cross-shin or full-lotus


Warm Up
Game: Crack the egg. 2 sets of 20 seconds each
then 2 rounds:
10 (5p/s) twisting bear
10 squat to stand


1 rep from position 1, every minute for 10 sets


For time
100 DUs
3 rounds:
20 alternating pistols
20 Dual DB Push Press 22.5/15
100 DUs

Cap: 15 min

Scale pistols to high box step ups
Rx+ Add 5 Bar MUs at end of each round

Cool Down
Half seated frog

Farm Fit

Warm Up
10m toe walking
10m heel walking
10m outside foot walking
10m inside foot walking
10sec bunny hops
10 strict burpee


3 rounds: 6 min on, 1 min off
Run 600m. Row 600/400, Schwinn 60/40
into AMRAP
10 Devils Press (Dual DB Burpee plus ground to overhead)
20 Hip thrusts with DB on hips
10 strict knee raises

Farm Strength

Warm Up
2 sets with empty barbell:
10 landmine row p/s
10 OH Walking Lunge

Farm Strength
a: Bring Sally up Strict/Push Press with Sandbag
b: AEROBIC SQUATS with SB in bear hug. 3x8 reps with tempo 2020. 2 mins between each set
c: SA DB Chinese Row 3x10 p/s