March 21

A. Warm Up

5 min AMRAP

5 burpees
10 hollow rocks
10 superman rocks
10 spider man lunge

A2. Activation

OHS technique (3 sets of 5 narrow grip dowel/bar)
Wall HS Hold/scale to push-up hold

3 rounds

6 pistols to a box, alt legs
6 strict T2b or Knees Up

B. Skill Conditioning

8 rounds (rest 1 full minute at 4 rd mark before completing last 4 rounds)

30 sec Max Ring Push Ups/plate deficit/ regular BW/Scaled to knees
30 sec max DU’s or single unders

C. FS Tempo Work


Tempo = 2 sec down, 2 sec pause, fast up, 2 sec pause at top)

Rest 1 min

C2. Back work

Band Pull Aparts


Rest 2 min

D. Cool down mobility.