March 24

A. Warm Up

2 rounds

10 spiderman lunge
10 Squat to stand
10 jumping alternating lunges on spot
10 Air squats, arms locked out and overhead

A2. Activation

1 round

10 pallof press p/side
10 goblet squats
10 single arm kb thruster (5 p/side)

B1. Front Squat


Rest 2 min

B2. Back Squat


Rest 2 min

(try and increase weights for every set)


Get as far through the work as possible.

5 rounds

2 min on/ 1 min rest

10 DU/20 singles
5 Wall Balls
20 DU/40 singles
10 Wallballs
30/60 Skip
15 Wall ball

So DU’s increasing by 10’s wall balls increasing by 5’s.

D. Cool Down/Mob