July 8

A. Warm Up

3 rounds

40 sec - plank on elbow to plank push up transitions (keep hips locked down tight, just moving from elbow to hands)
5 x Squat complex (1 air squat, 2 front alternating spiderman lunges)

B. Activation/skills

8 min AMRAP (min 2 rounds)

50 DU's/ 100 single unders/ or 1 min DU practice
4 Dbell Manmakers @ comfortable weight to keep the form solid
1 weighted XYZ on floor (lie on floor stomach down, use fractional plates or just hands, forehead on ground, lift hands off floor make a Y, W and X)

C. Strength

On the 2 mins for 5 sets

1 PC
1 Hang PC

D. Metcon

4-5 rounds (dependent on time)


1-10 pull ups (based on ability, use ring rows if necessary as well)
Run 200m
6 S2OH @ 60/40kg (Scale based on ability, weight should be UB)