July 9

A. Warm up

2 rounds

10 drinking birds 5/side
20 superman rocks
10 good mornings with empty bar

B. Activation

8 min

In pairs or threes

2 skin the cats with a 10-30 sec hold

Kneeling MU transitions - http://youtu.be/QjgCMuqNN1s - spend 1-2 mins doing these or 10-15 reps

C1. Strength

Hang Snatch

4-6 reps

On the mi for 8 mins.

- No one should use more than 30kg guys and girls. Emphasize the need to brushing the hip and moving under the bar and catching a quarter squat. If they go to heavy they will not be able to do this.

D. Conditioning

20 sec on 10 sec off format.

3 mins/ 6 rounds
Dbell or KB thrusters (light, keep the reps moving quickly)


3mins/6 rounds
Burpee to target


3min/6 rounds
Jumping Alternating lunges