Oct 12-18


Warm Up

A. Bear crawl
2 rounds
30 sec forward
30 sec reverse
5 burpees

Hip Flow

B. Barbell Reverse lunge
3 x 10 (5/side)
for max weight!
B2. 10 - 30 sec tuck hang or Lsit hang from bar

C. For time (8min cap)


Front Squats @ 40/30kg / 95/65lb
Burpee over bar


Warm Up

A. 3 rounds
3 inchworms with 5 sec exhale at top
6 thoracic bridge alternating
20 sec top of push plank hold (elbow pit facing forward)

Wrist flow

B.Push Press
Build to a 1RM (15 min cap)

B2. 20 sec chin over bar hold or hang
Monkey 3 - 5 partner assisted pull ups
Monkey 4 - 5 weighted pull ups

C. In any order:

3 min
Max DB man makers

Rest 1 min

3 min max
DB Snatches alternating

Rest 1 min

3 min Max T2B

D. ABcessories
20 candlesticks/lying flags using the pole for support


Warm Up

A. 6 x 30/30 on/off


Hammie Flow

B. Deadlift
3 x 5 @ 60% @ 30X1

B2. Natrual GHR
3 x 5 reps

C. 20 min AMRAP

Run or row 400m
30 weighted step ups @ 16/12kg /hand
30 wall balls


Warm Up

A. 2 rounds
3 Light TGU / side
6 SLDL with KB /side

A2. Shoulder strengthening work
2 rounds for quality
5 pike overs on floor
(roll spine off the floor and back down)
5 Vsnaps @ 30X0
2 wall walks with 5 sec pause at top

B. Barbell and gymnastics cycling
skill work

3 rounds (moderate weight)

1st - 5 Push jerks TnG
5 pull ups

2rd - 5 TnG squat cleans
5 burpees

- focus is on the barbell, challenge your TnG limits

Monkey 4 - CTB / HSPU



Warm Up

A. Warm up

2 rounds
1 bear crawl
10 air squats
5 strict burpees

Hip flow

B.Baby Murph - 40 min cap

400m run
100 pull up
200 push up
300 air squat
400m run
- must be partitioned (Monkey 4 use weight vest)


A. Warm Up

2 rounds
10 spider man lunges
10 cossack squats

Hip flow

B. Back Squat

Build to a new 3RM - 20 min cap

B2. Super set with 20 band pull aparts every set of squats

C. 1 min on 1 min off in pairs x 5 rounds
15 HPC @ 40/30kg
15 Reverse lunges

Lion 4 - 60/40kg

Evolve barbell Thu

A. CJ Max

Evolve barbell Sat

A. Power snatch technique work

EVOLVE Recovery
Upper Body Day

A. Warm up with class
Row 1km Easy pace

B. Creature Stretching

3 rounds for quality
B1: Jefferson Curl 20/10kg 3 reps, TEMPO 3531
B2: Seated straddle with plate overhead 5/2.5kg: 20 pulses over 45s
B3: Arms overhead wtih upper back on wall ball, bum on ground. Pulses stretching. 5kg/2.5kg, 20 pulses over 45s

C. Creature Joint Strength

3 rounds
C1: Bent over rear delt Fly's 10-15 reps 2.5/1.25kg
C2. Dowel Pass through's weighted 10 reps 5kg-2.5kg

D. Creature Soft Tissue

3 minutes each side roller lying on side hip to bottom of armpit
3 x 30s skin the cat stretch on low rings, knees or feet on the ground

EVOLVE Recovery
Lower Body Day

A. Warm up with class
2 rounds
60 singles, 30 cal row

B. Creature Stretching

3 rounds with for quality
B1: 40s bottom squat thoracic rotations
B2: Extreme split squat with rear foot elevated BW 5 reps, TEMPO 3311 (back leg bum squeezed)
B3: Accumulative 45s of side ways swinging from bar

C.Creature Joint Strength

3 rounds
C1: Side Plank topleg lifts 10-15 reps (Squeeze bum)
C2:Single Leg barbell Deadlift to shin

D. Creature Soft Tissue

3 minutes each side barbell across quadricep (top of thigh)
2 min coach stretch