June 1-6

A.Dowel/Barbell Lunge, Good morning, OH Squat Warm Up+ hang

B. Snatch15min EMOM
0-5 mins Position 1 Snatch
5-10nmins Position 2 Snatch
10-15 mins Snatch from Floor

c. 10 min Kalsu Variation
3 Thruster 60/40 135/90
into max Burpee


A. 50 Lunges then Hang + Strict Burpee +Blackburn complex

B.Back Squat
30 mins to build to a heavy 8

B2. LIGHT Double DB/KB Bent Row after each set
8-12 reps tempo 20x1
Focus on squeeze - Rest 2 mins

C. 15min EMOM
1st min Row 15/10cal row or 45 sec airike above 300/200 watt
2nd min 12 Box Overs + Max CTB
3rd min rest


A. 50 Lunges then Squat +Downdog+Squat+table top complex + 2mins hanging

B. Muscle-Up
10 min EMOM
Odd: 1-3 Strict (NO KIP) MUs
3-10 False Grip Ring Rows/Pull-ups
Even: Strict Ring Dip/Negatvie/Top and Bottom Hold + Push Ups

C. 20 min EMOM
“Holleyman variation”
1 Power Clean 100/60 225/135,
3 HSPU/Push-Ups,
Max Wall Balls
- Score is total Wall balls


A. KB TGU, Single arm Swing, Goblet Squat Warm Up then 2 mins of hanging

B. Deadlift
30 mins to build to a heavy 8 tempo 20x0 lifting on eggshells

B2. 8-12 Ring Rows after each set tempo 20x1
Rest 2 mins

C. 4 rounds
2 mins on/2 mins off 
Row 200m/150 or air bike above 300/200 watts for 45 secs straight
max reps Burpee, Burpee MU or Burpee pullups or Burpee to target

A. Box breathing, Dumbbell Lunge, DB Goblet Squat, DB Sumo Deadlift Warm Up then 2 mins of hanging

B. Strict Press
20 mins to build to heavy 8 tempo 11x1

B2. 1-3 Strict pull-ups after every set control negative tempo 21x1 into 3-8 kipping

C. 5 rounds
1 min on/1min off
10 Alternating KB Snatch 24/15 into Max DUs


A. Plate warm up OH walking lunges, ground to overhead, plate infront squat + 2 mins hanging

B. Squat Clean+ Jerk E2OTM 
10min Position 1 Clean+Jerk
11-20min Position 2 Clean +Jerk
21-30minFloor Clean and Jerk

Partner Battle:
5 Rounds each: Partner 1 Run 200m while Partner 2 does max burpees. Can only perform burpees while partner is running. Individual score is amount of burpees