Sep 28 - Oct 3


Warm Up

A. Bear crawl
2 rounds
30 sec forward
30 sec reverse
5 burpees

Hip Flow

B. OT3min
DB or KB Step ups 3 x 16 (8/side)

B2. 10-30 sec nose to wall HS hold

C. 16 min EMOM

1 burpee
16 KB swings

- increasing burpees by 1
- decreasing swings by 1


Warm Up

A. 3 rounds
3 inchworms with 5 sec exhale at top
6 thoracic bridge alternating
20 sec top of push plank hold (elbow pit facing forward)

Wrist flow

B.Push Press
4 x 5 @ 60/70/75/80%

B2. 20 sec chin over bar hold or hang
Monkey 3 - 5 partner assisted pull ups
Monkey 4 - 5 weighted pull ups

C. 4 x 3min on / 1 min off
15 wallballs
10 T2B

Monkey 4 - +5 MU

D. ABcessories
20 candlesticks/lying flags using the pole for support


Warm Up

A. 6 x 30/30 on/off


Hammie Flow

B. Deadlift
4x3 @ 21X1
- no plate touch on ground
- bar should go 1cm from floor every rep
- keep it light

B2. Super set
Hamstring flexor control 2 x 10sec/side

C. Running Jackie Jr
10 min AMRAP
Run 400m
20 empty bar thrusters
10 pull ups

D. ABcessories
50 Banded hip flexion
- with a light band tie one end to feet and one end to rig
- lie on floor facing roof and pull knees to chest and hold and lower out slowly
- lower back must stay pressed into floor


Warm Up

A. 2 rounds
3 Light TGU / side
6 SLDL with KB /side

A2. Shoulder strengthening work
2 rounds for quality
1-2 skin the cats
30 sec bridge hold, or 15 sec Tbridge/side
3-5 push ups, fingers facing backward

B. Barbell and gymnastics cycling
skill work

3 rounds (moderate weight)

1st - 10 TnG Push jerks
10 T2B

2rd - 10 TnG squat cleans
10 HSPU or 20 sec HS hold against wall


Warm Up

A. Warm up

2 rounds
1 bear crawl
10 air squats
5 strict burpees

Hip flow

B. Snatch Balance @ 60-70% 1RM snatch
5 x 2 w/ 2 sec pause in bottom

C. Partner Intervals
13 min AMRAP

Round for round
30 DU's
10 burpee box jumps

Monkey 1-2: must step up


SKYZONE Alexandria 4pm!

A. Warm Up

2 rounds
10 spider man lunges
10 cossack squats

Hip flow

B. Back Squat

3 x 2.1.1 - @ 21X1

- cluster sets with 30 sec btw micro sets, 2 mins between macro sets

C1. In Pairs - use partners to hold back of ankles as the anchor
Natural GHR variation -
4 sets of 5-15 reps

C. 5x OT4min

Run 400m
15 deadlifts @ 100/65kg
10 burpee over bar
5 pull ups

Lion 4 - 140/90kg
Monkey 4 - CTB or MU

Evolve barbell Thu

A. Shankle complex
3 hang clean pulls
1 Hang squat clean

A2. 5 split press light

B. Clean segmented pull 3x1

Accessory work

C1. OH squat holds with dowel and band
C2. 1 arm barbell rows

Evolve barbell Sat

A. Power snatch technique work

EVOLVE Recovery
Upper Body Day

A. Warm up with class
Row 1km Easy pace

B. Creature Stretching

3 rounds for quality
B1: Jefferson Curl 20/10kg 3 reps, TEMPO 3531
B2: Seated straddle with plate overhead 5/2.5kg: 20 pulses over 45s
B3: Arms overhead wtih upper back on wall ball, bum on ground. Pulses stretching. 5kg/2.5kg, 20 pulses over 45s

C. Creature Joint Strength

3 rounds
C1: Bent over rear delt Fly's 10-15 reps 2.5/1.25kg
C2. Dowel Pass through's weighted 10 reps 5kg-2.5kg

D. Creature Soft Tissue

3 minutes each side roller lying on side hip to bottom of armpit
3 x 30s skin the cat stretch on low rings, knees or feet on the ground

EVOLVE Recovery
Lower Body Day

A. Warm up with class
2 rounds
60 singles, 30 cal row

B. Creature Stretching

3 rounds with for quality
B1: 40s bottom squat thoracic rotations
B2: Extreme split squat with rear foot elevated BW 5 reps, TEMPO 3311 (back leg bum squeezed)
B3: Accumulative 45s of side ways swinging from bar

C.Creature Joint Strength

3 rounds
C1: Side Plank topleg lifts 10-15 reps (Squeeze bum)
C2:Single Leg barbell Deadlift to shin

D. Creature Soft Tissue

3 minutes each side barbell across quadricep (top of thigh)
2 min coach stretch